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Write a review on ProductReview. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary. My husband and I met 6 years ago through eHarmony and today are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Signing up process worked extremely well for us as it paired us and our relationship began with emails progressing to phone conversations lasting hours. Decided to meet and have been together ever since. Neither of us thinking marriage would ever be an option. Verified Customer Waste of time and money.

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First day someone wanted to hack my email. Not happy at all. I am totally disappointed with eharmony. Contact number not connected. Only send dates of their choosing. Presented with men from other states. Paying lots of money for nothing, literally no content in that, and the interface is obsolete. I registered with eHarmony years ago and was rejected as there being no suitable matches for me and YEARS later you tell me the same thing!!!!!

Great adverts, but nothing for me. Biggest waste of money. If you live in a big city, maybe Scam and Daylight Robbery - From Bentleigh. Two weeks after opening my account and paying for a year's subscription, they closed my account and confiscated my money.

Considering I had not communicated with a single person, I found it a surprise. This is my last correspondence with e-Not so Harmony. Are you telling me, that your company has taken my subscription payment for a mistake made by your company??? As a past or present user, we want to inform you that eHarmony has taken action to remove one of your matches, Ann from Wollert, from the eHarmony service. This decision was made in accordance with our terms and conditions, and privacy laws prohibit us from disclosing the specific reasons for our decision to close an account.

Please be aware that eHarmony will not send an email notice that an account has been reopened and strongly recommend that you disregard such notices if received. For more information concerning the removal of users from our service, please visit our Help Page located on our website, and search for the topic "Match Termination Notification". By visiting our website, you can also locate information regarding our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Safety Tips on communicating with and meeting your matches.

Sincerely, eHarmony Risk Management" I previously stated to them: Please show me one proof that I have violated anything that you have accused me of. This sort of daylight robbery should and will be reported to the Consumer Affairs Department. How many other innocent people have they taken advantage of???? Or rather steal from?

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A scam, nothing else. I expected eHarmony to be of a much better standard than it actually is. I asked them to match me with people with education but for the past 7 months they have been unable to do so. I write constantly and they match me with only people without education. Some people who work at eHarmony play around with my match settings so I don't get any matches at all.

I have learned to check my settings each day. They are dishonourable and fraudulent. Once they have your money that's it. I'm lucky to get 1 match a week and I can always be sure that match will have no education. It needs to be exposed so that others don't waste their money.

There are no algorithms which form their matching selections.

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These are made up entirely of fiction. And up to a point, I don't have a problem with that. They have to make money, and I'd be happy to pay for a useful service, but this just isn't. One they have you hooked, you are bombarded with literally hundreds of "Perfect Matches", which of course despite their various promises you can't view or contact until you have handed over your credit card.

Which naturally you an't wait to do, in order to meet all these perfect matches. The first problem with the matches, is that there system is a crock of crap. It will match you with people you have absolutely nothing in common with.

Worse, it will match you with women who have absolutely no interest in you. The 2nd problem, is that the overwhelming majority of profiles are essentially FAKE. I say fake in the sense that they don't represent real people seeking matches. The fact is that the vast majority of people sign up, create a profile, get absolutely nowhere, and give up.

But unless you specifically delete your profile which they have made almost impossible so most don't bother it stays there forever. The kicker is reading a profile where the system says the lady is 50, but her hard-coded text says she is 35, and her photos are time-stamped The next problem is that you can't really contact anyone unless you are BOTH paid up members.

So you can message those ladies, but they can't reply, so what's the point. In the time I have been on, i have been given over Perfect Matches.

EH promises so much. My matches are not suitable. Guys interstate, 10 years older than me. Absolute waste of money. Don't waste your time or money. This is the worst site I have been on. The matches are all old men. At least 15yrs senior. They just took money. Wanted to delete my account but cannot stop payment.

They are just taking our money. And what a stupid question that, people are sending. My eharmony site was hacked. Two days after reporting it to eharmony a scammer is still using the ac. Sunday morning eharmony sent me an email saying the email on my account had been changed and did i do it. I checked the site and my account had been taken over by a scammer - a photo of someone else etc - who was busily contacting matches and trying to get them to communicate on skype and personal email etc.

I emailed eharmony back - as they requested - to say the account was hacked. Its first product was a bath with massaging jets. Founded in by seven Italian brothers, led by Giocondo Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi and Brothers made wooden propellers under military contracts, based at San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California.

In , the brothers also dabbled briefly with aircraft design and manufacture, with a single-seat monoplane and a seven-seat cabin monoplane.

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In , Giocondo Jacuzzi, a pilot, and two company employees were killed when one of their planes crashed in Modesto. The company survived to become a whirlpool and bubble bath manufacturer, with the name Jacuzzi eventually becoming synonymous with the bath products regardless of manufacturer.

The company sponsors the athletes of the American skiing team, their training facilities are equipped with Jacuzzi hot tubs and hydromassage equipment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 23 September Retrieved May 29, Retrieved 30 May Retrieved 22 September Retrieved January 29,