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Summer then tells Freddy that what he said was amazing, which Freddy smiles as saying " It was? But then, Summer says that she really thought Freddy was a good actor since she really felt the connection between Crockett and Travis.

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Freddy, somewhat sad, says those two were really made for each other. Freddy and Summer then watch the food fight go on as the episode ends. Next, the three find what appeared to be a diary, which they assume to be Summer's. Freddy urges Zack and Lawrence to not read it, until Zack reads an entry about the perfect man for her. He then takes the dairy from the two boys and reads it while eating an apple. Then, he goes to the club where they supposedly got a gig and dresses in a costume.

Freddy happily then asks Summer what she thinks of it.

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She replies, "It's very brave. Freddy then talks of how he climbs a mountain to defend someone's honor, which is Summer's. Then, when Summer is berated by her friends for giving their gig to Night Lizard, Freddy defends her by saying that she is a nice and sweet person, but somewhat concedes that giving away their gig to Night Lizard was a bad idea.

Later, Freddy stays with Summer while the rest of the group goes off until Tomika calls him. Then, Freddy once again defends Summer by saying that she shouldn't be fired from the band ashen the band starts to think of that. Finally, Freddy dresses in a German costume and meets Summer's grandmother. He then proceeds to shake her hand until the grandmothers exclaims that he's a handsome young man. It is then he learns that Summer's grandmother wrote the diary. Summer then comes in and looks at Freddy's costume.

She then asks if he met her grandmother and Freddy replies that he did. Summer and her grandmother go off while Freddy walks off with his costume as the episode ends. He then decides to help Summer get rid of her old belongings. So, Freddy, along with Tomika, tries to help Summer.

He asks Summer if she wants to get rid of her coffee mug, but Summer says that she's going to drink from the mug soon. Next, Freddy then questions Tomika if she is going to sell a whale punch bowl to get rid of Summer's sentimentalism.

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Freddy then says to Summer that he thought that Tomika selling the items was a good idea until Summer somewhat panics and he then says that he had some doubts and asked Tomika if it was okay to sell some items. Summer then says that she should let go over some items, in which Freddy reverts back to his previous statement so to once again to gain Summer's affection.

Next, when Summer is shocked that the whale punch bowl was sold, Freddy then says that he urged Tomika not to sell any items and that he wasn't even there with the goal of getting Summer's back. Finally, when Summer is still mad at Tomika for selling the whale bowl, Freddy then says to Summer that he begged her not to sell the bowl and he gives Tomika an angry expression along with Summer.

Tomika acts confused by all of this.


Summer then storms out and Freddy says that " I'm still mad at Tomika too! Tomika then looks at him which makes Freddy reply, " I could have handled it better. In Surprise, Surprise , At the end of the Episode, Freddy brings Summer further away from everyone and says that he has been trying to tell her something, but was scared of what Summer would say. Freddy now smiles and says, "Summer Breeze Hathaway I like you. The Episode never shows Summer's reply, this episode will be continued in, We Gotta get Outta this place. Summer walks in on Freddy and Tomika hugging, ready to reply to his confession, then leaves the room disappointed that freddy and tomika are probably together.

As Summer leaves, she bumps into the Principal and she tells summer to avoid Freddy instead of rejecting him, because that was what she did before. Summer then blatantly tries to avoid Freddy, despite Freddy being very aware of her avoiding him and tries to get close to her to talk. Even in an escape room, summer tries to avoid him by running away or crawling on the ground when he goes in her direction.

Summer talks to Tomika and realises that there is nothing going on being Tomika and Freddy and leaves to confess her feelings to Freddy. In Photograph , Summer asks Freddy why he took back what he said, and Freddy mentions how he didn't want to like her because she was avoiding him and didn't like him back. Summer agrees and says she was avoiding him because she thought Tomika liked him.

Freddy says "I never really stopped like liking you. At the end of the episode, when they take school pictures, Freddy steps forward, to stand by Summer. In I Love Rock and Roll: Part 1 , Summer drops her book and Summer and Freddy both kneel down to grab it which leads to their hands both touching each other.

Freddy says "sorry", but then thinks "I'm so not sorry". Summer then says "No biggie" and thinks" OMG our hands just touched total biggie. He thinks "What the heck was that? Summer then awkwardly says "Words". Summer, like Freddy, was embarrassed by saying this and thought to herself " Did I just say words?

Sort of" He is also thinking " I don't care if this was an accident, this counts, were a real couple!! He again repeats "Yup" very excitedly now. Summer then says " But we probably shouldn't tell everyone yet. He then says " Yeah, they will probably make a big deal out of it. Later on as they are practicing they both speed up on their instruments everytime they look at each other and completely throws off the tempo of the song.

When the rest of the band asks why Freddy is acting so weird Freddy says " Oh uh, new drumsticks.

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Drumsticks that I really really like a lot. Then Tomika asks "What's so great about them? He replies " Their prettier then the other sticks. Lawrence being the weirdo that he is says. Freddy asks Summer while pouring," How much are we supposed to put in? Finn says that he can't figure out how everything went so wrong, Lawrence says" Summer and Freddy put too much soap in the foam machine and Freddy hit the wrong switch on the drum orb, but other than that it is a mystery.

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Around everyone else we will just act totally normal. Then Later in class Mr. Finn starts blaming Summer and Freddy steps in saying that it was not just her fault. Freddy quickly covers up saying that it was for Zack. Zack opens it and glitter falls out of it. Summer knows that it was for her and is all like "Aww. When the band goes to see Deweys old band everybody stands in one area during Dewey's and Slade's rock off, but Summer and Freddy stand apart from everyone else. When the couple from Dewey's old band start fighting, Summer says to Freddy" Their a couple in the same band too.

Upon seeing Freddy skateboarding past her in the hallway "I'm not impressed I am so impressed! Finn idea of eating the donuts from the teacher's lounge "I'm in! Using her idea of having study partners over Mr. Finn actually teaching "Who should be my study partner? I'll just pick the first person who comes to my mind, completely random. When Summer keeps Freddy as her co-worker after Regina wants him fired for messing up her cupcake order for Laura "Thanks Summer!

I'm glad my hard work is appreciated. Looks through the telescope and sees the Blood Moon "Whoa! The moon looks so red. For a little while when I was eight, I wanted people to call me 'Cassiopeia', but they just called me 'Peia' instead, so Freddy smiles at her while she's looking through the telescope. He's beginning to have feelings for her, but doesn't recognize then as so at that point. She'd probably really like it. She's so obsessed with saving the Earth, I'm kind of afraid of introducing her to another part of the solar system.

Freddy glances at Summer, who isn't looking back at him, and smiles again before going back down into the school to get Kale. He tries to get Kale to come with him but they break up after he says he doesn't like the same things she does. When Freddy returns to the roof, he sees Summer smiling up at Asher , who is putting his jacket around her.

Freddy goes down into the school again, heartbroken and jealous of Asher being with Summer before him. It is possible that he may have tried to spend more time with her and confess his feelings, but he chose not to when he sees Asher talking to Summer on the roof.

Summer then proceeds to play a hardcore drum solo as Freddy disappointedly leaves the classroom at the failed attempt of admitting his feelings for her. Freddy is looking at pictures of Summer that he has in his locker. Summer then is walking up to him, which he quickly reacts by covering the pictures of Summer with a cloak of his own pictures. From the same classroom where we see each other all day?

Summer looks around the halls and sees a girl named Penny standing behind Freddy. She looks at Freddy to confirm and he nods his head yes in misunderstanding. Freddy looks at her hands then up to her face in shock and happiness. But Summer suddenly turns him around and he is faced to Penny who is standing behind him. My plan consists of trying to live the best possible things that can happen, every second of my existence.

Ricardo Alamo got a chance to expand his acting skill when he is cast as a lead actor in Mis Tres Hermanas aka My Three Sisters telenovelas with 'the natural beauty' actress, Scarlet Ortiz as the lead actress. Then once again he had been cast as lead actor in Juana La virgen aka Juana's Miracle with 'the sweet n cute' actress,Daniela Alvarado my personal opinion Now Ricardo is acting in his new telenovela, Rebeca with beautiful actress ,Mariana Seoane which is been filming in Miami,Usa. Rebeca is currently air at Univision,Venevision etc. Before " The Office ," star Rainn Wilson had a different type of workplace comedy in mind.

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