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Do you like wine? Do you also like lesbians? Sapphic Adventures Lady-loving-ladies-only events, organized by other Chicago gay ladies. Chicago Diner N. A good choice after a night of partying in Boystown, the Chicago Diner is completely vegetarian and mostly vegan. Stop in for a burger and some beer, and then dance the night away! My new favorite place.

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Oh, and while you are eating, a hilarious female impersonator comes out and performs for you. The breakfast is always a solid choice, and I enjoy their milkshakes and desserts.

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Pick Me Up also has vegetarian and vegan options. The menu here is really diverse, and they serve booze, too.

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Located on the north edge of Boystown, this IHOP is open 24 hours and almost always packed full of queers with the munchies, especially after the bars close. Women and Children First N. A cute little bookstore that hosts author readings, feminist book clubs, and various other events. Every time I go in there, I half-expect Fred Armisen in a dress to yell at me for shaving my armpits. There is, however, a wonderfully extensive LGBTQ section, covering everything from culture to humor to history.

Also, their sex section is pretty boss as well. Take it for what it is, I guess. CMSA offers coed and single-sex options for tons of sports at various levels. Softball, flag football, soccer play with me! And what better way is there to spend a Saturday night than watching a bunch of strong women of all sizes, body types, ethnicities, etc. Chicago is where roller derby was born over 75 years ago, and when it was revived and reinvented in the early s, Chicago was among the earliest leagues to form.

There is also a lot of suburban derby springing up all over Chicagoland, like Rockford Rage and the Aurora 88s. And for those interested in maybe dipping a toe into derby before diving literally headfirst into the full contact sport, there is Derby Lite at various city and suburban locations.

The game went into double maybe even triple overtime, and these women kicked ass! This year at the pride outing, the Sky won with 0. They still play games in the suburbs through the WPSL, though. The Chicago Cubs are great supporters of the queer community, so they deserve a shout out! Each year one college hosts the annual Coming Out Ball, which is a great time to meet college queers from all across Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Boystown , a subsection of Lakeview, is the gay mecca of Chicago.

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Most of the gay bars, clubs, restaurants, street parties and shops are located in this area. Be careful if you drunkenly wander outside these confines alone late at night, because the surrounding areas can be sketch, especially in the summer. Boystown is mostly male-dominated, but a surprisingly good number of my lesbian friends and I live in or around this area. Housed between Foster and Bryn Mawr, Ravenswood and Magnolia is a diverse selection of locally-own shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, museums, and entertainment.

Rent in Andersonville can be expensive, so some people live in neighboring Edgewater or Rogers Park.

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For the most part, there are not-so-safe places in and around every Chicago neighborhood. Some folks cite Wrigleyville, the jock next-door-neighbor of Boystown, to be unsafe to frequent, but there was an article in TimeOut Chicago where they performed a Wrigleyville-Boystown swap, and everything was generally normal. In Chicago, the entire month of June is pride.

From movie screenings to book clubs to a 5k Proud to Run! The best lesbian party is always the 4-day Backlot Bash. Over 40, queers and allies from all over the world flood the streets at the end of the month for the actual parade itself. Make sure you wear as few clothes as possible, because the Chicago humidity is suffocating.

And the only thing hotter than a bunch of drunk queers partying in the streets is the sun, so make sure you bring the sunscreen. The largest most fabulous two-day street fair in the midwest! The Center on Halsted N. Halsted Street has a computer lab, meeting rooms, theater, and gymnasium.

When school gets out, you can usually find teenagers hanging out at the Center or attending one of the various programs. The Center has wifi and is conveniently connected to the Whole Foods for when you get hungry. Howard Brown Health Center N. A queer sketch comedy ensemble. A spoken word poetry gathering. The independently owned and operated online TV station. Be sure to check out the show Among Girls. Windy City Performing Arts: Includes a marching band that marches in the pride parade! They also have a jazz band, orchestra, and symphonic band.

How About We… is a cool new take on online matchmaking that you should totally sign up for. Mingle Around Chicago usually has monthly lesbian singles meetups. Chicago First Dates sometimes has lesbian speed dating. That is where I Elli get my alternativelifestylehaircut done by a queer girl. Watch out, you don't want to become the haunter.

Join a group of badass females, and take a guided tour of The Art Institute of Chicago. Celebrate the female artists who broke barriers to have their art noticed, while also learning about the women artists who the patriarchy sought to keep oppressed! Make friends, fall in love with new art, and most importantly, chip away at the patriarchy.

The future of art is female! Bacon, breakfast, and beer. Sounds like the three B's to brunch. Let's be real, what's better than starting a Saturday in this fashion? On your way to brunch, you'll trek through Chicago's intricate Pedway system, listening to stories about the city's moments of jubilation and tragedy. From there, you will head to Houlihans for a scrumptious lunch buffet, featuring eggs, fruit, and bacon.

After your meal, you'll continue your walk through the Pedways, fit with entertaining stories and some fast calorie-burning.

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Can you taste Chicago yet? Consider yourself a cheese enthusiast? Spend a delightful afternoon in an idyllic farm setting where you'll indulge in your cheesiest desires. A skilled instructor will walk you through the cheese-making process from start-to-finish. You'll learn to make ricotta, chevre, and mozzarella. Your hands on experience won't stop there. You'll also get a chance to milk the goats.

Don't make that face; where did you think cheese came from? This workshop will give you a closer bond to cheese, forever. Ready for a little excitement at your next dinner? Join Discovery Center for a dinner party with a twist Discovery Center presents an audience-participation murder mystery dinner-theater event. You and your friends will eat, observe and help unravel the mystery. Mingle with other guests and meet new people, but observe everything very closely for a murder will be committed. As the drama unfolds, you'll realize that certain characters have something to hide.

Past indiscretions are hinted at, past relationships are alluded to, past lives are referred to. Tempers begin to flare, and it becomes apparent that you should believe no one. Many are suspects, but only one will be guilty! That is for YOU to figure out. During the dinner, you'll review details, examine evidence, be interrogated by detectives, and question the witnesses and suspects. Think you have what it takes to solve this mystery?

Murder Mystery Dinner N Elston Ave, Chicago Test your problem-solving skills at a murder mystery dinner-theater event Carefully observe and dissect the crime that's been committed -- trust no one! What better way to visit and taste at local craft distilleries than in a Prohibition-era styled barrel bus! Step on the bus through the speakeasy style, hidden vertical door to start your one of a kind Chicago Distillery Tour.

As you are taken from distillery to distillery in this jitney, your guide will provide an entertaining and educational insight of Chicago's liquor industry originating in the 's. Hear stories of George Remus, the man who owned many of the distilleries across America during Prohibition. Learn about the affect that Prohibition laws had on Chicago, and how certain gangs were developed to facilitate the transport of illegal hooch.

Want to see how a small local brewery operates? Want to learn about the beer brewing process? Want to sample the latest hand crafted beers from Lake Effect? Receive an up close and personal tour with Lake Effect Brewing Company's brew master, and get a number of beer tastes sold separately at a satellite bar located steps away , including upcoming releases, and from time to time, rare vintage beers.

Lake Effect Brewing will show you the process of their famous craft brews as you dissect the process of brewing, and how hops are transformed into the delicious nectar you sip, gulp, and possibly even chug during happy hour. You'll also get an inside look at the working brewery, bottling area, barrel room, and urban farm.


With this newfound knowledge, you might even be able to start a craft brew of your own! Lager lovers of the world, lend me your ears!

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  • If you haven't been to the widely acclaimed Argus Brewery of Chicago, here's your chance to right that wrong. On this 90 minute tour, you'll learn the history and process behind the exceptional brews created in a s era distribution stable that once housed the Schlitz horse team and carriages. Taste popular selections such as Ironhorse, Holsteiner Lager, and Pegasus IPA, and take home a commemorative Argus Brewery Glass that will be sure to hold not just your favorite suds, but also countless memories of a day well spent.

    This activity is for beer lovers 21 and older only. Call it Loretta Young meets Carol Burnett. This unique interactive comedy, one of the longest running shows in Chicago and U. Don't miss your opportunity to see the show The New York Times calls "hilarious, well-written and inspired! She'll take you back to the days of the Latin Mass and meatless Fridays.

    You'll be laughing so hard you won't even be able to register the pain from the good old "ruler across the knuckles'". You've heard about them through friends and have seen them on TV, now see them live! As one of the longest running shows in Chicago, the Blue Man Group is responding to the ever-changing world by integrating new-age technology into their performance.